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Aether Chasing Winter

‘The idea behind Aether Chasing Winter was to combine two passions: motorcycles and skiing. To get the best of both worlds, we planned a trip through the Rockies in early April, hitting the first of the open roads and the last of the spring skiing. We carried all the gear we needed on the bikes, including poles, boots, and skis. It wasn’t exactly the most practical way to travel, but it definitely was the most exhilarating.’

Nailed the concept and execution, and looked like a lot of fun as well. Aether keep pushing it forward whether it be with their product offerings or use of online media to tell their story.


Salomon – Designed For Freedom

Teetering on the edge of overblow, Solomon manages to keep this video on the inspiring and beautifully shot end of the spectrum, a treatise of why we seek the outdoors and the serenity of being embedded in nature. I’m no trail runner or nordic skier but I can appreciate the sentiment, I usually can’t turn off the mail client and browser quick enough at the end of the day and trade them for the soundtrack of a freewheel through country roads. Nice work from a brand who is wisely following the lead of other content creators in their marketplace.


Owner Operator Summer 2013




Owner Operator is a line we’ve featured before on the blauge, NYC designed and produced. This summer 2013 collection presentation kills it, nothing quite like shredding the green in shorts and a button-up. As always everything from the brand is available online, and we encourage you to get rad with your credit card.