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Cadence: PEZ Episode 1

 ‘Cadence is proud to announce the exclusive release of special collaborative project with PEZ.PEZ is a prominent street artist and deeply rooted figure in San Francisco cycling and messenger culture.Honored by the opportunity to work with PEZ, we wanted to share his story with those who may have yet to hear about him. For the next three weeks we will release an episode on PEZ which we hope sheds some light on his influence and involvement in cycling and graffiti cultures’

Outs to Dustin Klein and Cadence for this, paying respect to the origins of the culture some of us are a part of. Looking forward to episodes 2 and 3.


Massan – Macaframa 2013

New bomb from Massan, filmed last fall, the first piece of online promo for Macaframa 2 coming later this year. Always enjoy the Maca editing style, looking forward to new footage from them rolling out in the coming months.


FTC Spring/Summer 2013

Here are some selects from FTC‘s s/s 2013 lookbook: you know we have nuff respect for the SF/JP OG’s, and this is more of the consistent good from the line, with the added swagger of the FYL messaging (bot so sure I would rock, but all good regardless). I really like the shell outers, and the tie dye is a win too. Full lookbook where I janked the pic from.


ILE Bags

Inside Line Equipment is a cycling-focused bag and accessory line all handmade in the SF bay area. From their about,

‘Our bags were created from the saddle of a bicycle.  On the way to the local crit or cross race, or riding home with bags of groceries.  They are designed with strength and simplicity in mind, and the style and elegance found in cycling itself.’

Loving the style and function of the entire collection, you can tell these guys put a lot of thought in to the designs, all from a cyclist’s perspective.  I see a seat bag in my near future for sure… keep reading for more and shop online.

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Macaframa for Low Bicycles

[vimeo 50246957]

Great short video promoting Low Bicycles out of San Francisco, featuring Massan and some bombing, a reoccurring subject matter here on the blauge. From the Vimeo writeup,

Low Bicycles is a small manufacturer of high quality, handmade aluminum racing frames, right here in San Francisco, CA. Our designs reflect a passion for the sport, the craft, and the culture. Here in San Francisco, we are at ground-zero of one of the most vibrant cycling communities in the world. While most major manufacturers are moving their production overseas, our mission is to honor the craft and our riding community by staying local and responding to its needs. Because we take pride in the quality and precision of our work, each frame is handmade in small batch production runs. design philosophy a tribute to bombing down velodrome banks or city hills, and cranking hard, our frames are built to go fast and handle the rigors of professional and urban cycling. Our geometries remain true to, and are intended for track racing; with aggressive profiles, responsive handling, and overall strength and stiffness, while our overall aesthetic embodies power and simplicity.

Look for this to make all the blog rounds, cause it’s damn good. Gotta love real deal track bikes.


Return of the Mac BFF 2011

[vimeo 49841234]

New online from Macaframa, here is their entry in the the Bicycle Film Festival 2011. The quality of the filming and editing is so high and the fast bike parts are so good (Jason Clary and Massan) that is it worth sitting through the FGFS parts. Can’t wait to see the next full length from the Maca team.


Frite Nite Podcast 027

I’ve been really lucky to have made the acquaintance of Paul Salva over the past couple years through playing a few shows together and a good time kicking it at Bass Coast last summer. Him and Comma happened to be at a festival I had played in Sacramento earlier this year, and afterwards they asked me to do the latest entry in to the podcast series for their powerhouse label Frite Nite. Definitely an honour and I’m really hyped on the opportunity and the mix I turned in… if you like those house and techno vibes peep my FN Podcast #027 HERE.