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Cadence: PEZ Episode 3




Here’s the 3rd instalment of the Cadence x Pez video series, and a look at the associated shirt and pin set. Really like the part in this vid where Pez speaks to his and Massan’s experience in Japan and how his art was viewed over there. Smart original content production by Cadence to promote the label, kudos to D. Klein as always.


Cadence: PEZ Episode 2

PEZ breaking down more messenger/graffiti history here in episode 2, presented by Cadence.


Cadence: PEZ Episode 1

 ‘Cadence is proud to announce the exclusive release of special collaborative project with PEZ.PEZ is a prominent street artist and deeply rooted figure in San Francisco cycling and messenger culture.Honored by the opportunity to work with PEZ, we wanted to share his story with those who may have yet to hear about him. For the next three weeks we will release an episode on PEZ which we hope sheds some light on his influence and involvement in cycling and graffiti cultures’

Outs to Dustin Klein and Cadence for this, paying respect to the origins of the culture some of us are a part of. Looking forward to episodes 2 and 3.