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Narifuri S/S 2013 at Blue Lug


















Been waiting on a set of seasonal looks from Narifuri for too long now, so it’s time to showcase their new products for s/s 13 via bike-centric retailer Blue Lug‘s own in-house shoot. The Disney jersey collab is really on point and the jackets look great as always: Narifuri is always 100, check the archives for proof.


Narifuri Sports Fall/Winter 2012

Here’s a look  the f/w 2012 offering thus far from Tokyo’s Narifuri Sports line, a proper cycling collection of kit from jersey to arm warmer to shorts. Definitely a bit of a stylistic bend on these pieces (e.g. cargo pockets on the shorts), and the jersey patterns are rad. If/when pt. 2 of this collection releases I’ll be sure to update: for now, more after the jump.


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Narifuri Spring/Summer 2012

Japanese bicycle-influenced label Narifuri has unveiled their spring/summer 2012 collection, recycling a lot of previous designs while also introducing some key new ones, such as the pullover shell seen above. There’s also a small collaboration with Fred Perry on a zip jacket and a dress shirt, and the usual wide range of packs, accessories, jackets, and pants, and shorts. Been feeling the line for a minute now, click though for more of my seasonal picks.


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Narifuri Fall/Winter 2011

Japanese label Narifuri produces high quality cycling-oriented goods that transcend what normally qualifies as ‘bike fashion.’ Granted, a few North American lines have stepped up recently (Outlier, Rapha), but naturally I feel Narifuri way more, blending all the right features of technical performance with streetwear styling, so on point. We featured the line last f/w, and I’m gonna say this current run looks even better… check the full (rather expansive) collection after the jump.


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A Closer Look: Nari/Furi F/W 2010

Tokyo-based label Nari/Furi has a seriously expansive f/w 2010 collection  designed with the cyclist in mind, covering everything from outerwear and bags through to socks and gloves. I was tipped off to the line via the bike blogs this week, and sorting through their f/w offerings there is so much good stuff to choose from. Once again the Japanese take inspiration from NA standards like Patagonia and Marmot and put their own aesthetic spin on it, which is generally for the clothing’s betterment. This collection looks both functional and stylish, with the three pieces featured above being my highlights, as well as the backpacks, camo shorts, slim fit cargo pants, and 3/4 sleeve button-ups. The line is available almost exclusively in Japan, but if you’re an east coaster you can find them at Superb Bicycle in Boston or Chari in NYC. Click through for more from Nari/Furi for f/w 2010.


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