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Show Class x Max Schaaf

[vimeo 45211347]

Quick vid from Show Class Mag featuring Max Schaaf‘s new Panhead… beauty setting and a good laugh towards the end. Judging by the pics Born Free was boss times last weekend, must peep one day.

On another note apologies for the slow blauging: summer has finally arrived on the wet coast and we’ve been going crazy… another Instagram dump soon to show you what we’ve been up to.


4Q x REAL Skateboards

[vimeo 38131784]

Max Schaaf and Oakland-based artist Chris Wright have teamed up to create two large special release REAL x 4Q decks and 300 limited velvet flocked posters.
Each poster signed by the artists, with 50 available through the 4Q website and 250 sent directly to skate shops from REAL. Poster is amazing, might need to cop one quick.


6 Over – Kick Start

Wooooo trailer #2 for the 6 Over feature-length film, coming… sometime in 2012? We showed you trailer #1 back here, can’t wait to see the real deal.


6 Over – Teaser

Coming soon from Wild Honey Productions and Dice Mag, here’s the trailer for a yet to be fully explained full length film featuring the likes of Caleb Owens, Jason Webber, Kim Boyle, Jeremiah Armenta, Max Schaaf and Eddie Cleveland… looks like it’s gonna be pretty awesome.


SLAP interview Max Scaaf Pt. 2

Following up Pt. 1 from the other day, here’s Max talking about his forthcoming Vans shoe, why he likes collaborations, and the weird relationship of skaters and their shoes.


SLAP interview Max Scaaf Pt. 1

SLAP mag just posted part one of an interview they recently did with Max Scaaf in his Oakland garage, featuring a brief rundown on how where the 4Q name came from and how he got in to bike building. Pretty chill interview, I especially appreciate his take on ‘conditioning’… look for pt. 2 later this week.


Max Schaaf 4Q x Vans Sk8 Mid

This fall sees the third installment of the Max Schaaf 4Q x Vans collaboration, in the form of a black-on-black Sk8 Mid. This deserves a post for no other reason then the fact that we’re big fans of both parties involved; that and the shoe looks pretty good as well (pics and info via High Snob).