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Tres Bien Summer 2013 Lookbook













Here is a quick look at the latest seasonal lookbook from retailer Tres Bien. The shop has picked some highlight styles and pieces to showcase for the summer months. Playful presentation as usual from Tres Bien, with the model styled out in front of a whiteboard with descriptions of the outfits written on it, simple yet effective. A great mix of looks and styles seen here, with a bit more pop of colour for the summertime.


Aether Apparel Spring/Summer 2013

Los Angeles’ Aether Apparel has just released this lookbook for their s/s ’13 collection, showing other brands how to shoot your campaign out in the wilds of nature. Aether is also running a solid gram right now too, taking cues from lines like Patagonia and Poler by sharing adventures with followers, which is a good move for sure. This line will contain more of the quality understated tech Aether has made their name on, keep reading for more.


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We’ve posted about Baltimore’s The Cut-Rate before, and here is a new lookbook from the made-in-America MC/skate apparel brand. A clothing line meant for getting it done, I highly appreciate how they describe what they’re not:

‘Cut-Rate is not a line with a manifesto about merging cultures, creating a movement via fashion, or expressing individuality through t-shirts. Nor is Cut-Rate about elitist cut-and-sew, lofty philosophies, or making the world a better place.’

Make sure to keep up with 21runnin to see the bikes coming out of dude’s shop (plus awesome randomness), and follow The Cut-Rate on the gram for daily goodness. More lookbook after the break.


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ISAORA Spring/Summer 2013

NYC label ISAORA has just released this lookbook for their s/s 2013 collection entitled Electric Light Spectrum. The line continues to mix superior technical fabrics and performance with their unique high-street styling, making for a unique and defined niche in the menswear game. Not necessarily a collection I would rock as presented, but piece by piece everything is game tight; keep reading for more.


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.efiLevol ‘The Future Is In Our Hands’ Lookbook

Tokyo fashion house .efiLevol has released this lookbook that I shouldn’t like but totally do. Ballet poses, velvet and patent leather aren’t my thing by any stretch, but damn if this presentation isn’t totally on point. Every shot is nailed and the styling is the best of Japanese high street, something to appreciate from an artistic rather than practical standpoint… more after the break.


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Bal Fall/Winter 2012

Hype set of looks from Japan’s Bal for f/w 2012. Modern high street classics here, layered up right with an EG-inspired vest-under-jacket theme running throughout. Love the pattern combos and cuts/fits, super complete collection from to back. Thx Selectism for the tip.


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FUCT Spring/Summer 2012 Lookbook

You already know. This is already up on every blauge ever, and for good reason. Everyone waits for new FUCT to drop, and here it is, the s/s ’12 lookbook. The line stays the best and somehow gets better, with a whole lotta FTW going down… Brunetti has been killing every medium he touches (instagram son), and this lookbook carries that instantly-recognizable FUCT vibe, classic American outcast… read though for more and click to expand pics.


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