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Seventy Four Summer/Fall 2013


Lookbook for Japan/LA label Seventy Four‘s summer/fall 2013 collection, more of that garage-styled simplicity that makes the line so appealing. Feeling the first few looks in this series especially, and click over to see the pieces from this collection.


The Cut-Rate at Swinger


The Cut-Rate’s site has been down for a minute but that doesn’t mean the product has stopped flowing to Japan, and here is a look at some new arrivals from the line to Swinger. The LA-via-Balitomore line is one of my favourites going and dude is heavy on the bikes as well. Hope to see the site back asap and a new lookbook, covering all the angles right proper.


Wolfpack Hustle: The Unified Title Series

[vimeo 59389821 w=500 h=281]

Anecdote: unsanctioned bike racing on the street has come a long way. Back in the olden days when Brendan and I were racing alleycats it was all beer and jean shorts: now, when you show up to sprints or a checkpoint race most everyone is in kit, myself included. Dudes (and ladies) take this stuff seriously these days, and in my opinion, it’s way more awesome for it. This vid by LA’s Wolfpack Hustle promotes their 2013 Unified Title race series and it is awesome… if this doesn’t get you jacked to ride your fastbike then you’re doing it wrong.



[vimeo 58214743]

Here’s an awesome behind-the-scenes video showcasing the build of Aether‘s new San Francisco standalone retail shop, the first for the the label. I’m a huge fan of the recontextualization of shipping containers as live/work/retail spaces, and this build is truly top notch, as if we would expect anything less from a brand of Aether’s caliber. Can’t wait to check this out sometime soon.


Aether Apparel Fall/Winter 2012

LA-based tech label Aether has been a favourite of ours for years now, marrying high function with understated sophistication, similar to Vancouver’s own Arc’teryx Veilance. The jackets are always a highlight, especially the integrated-hood shells, some of the best in the game. With only 7 pics in this series hopefully we’ll see more imagery from Aether this season, as they do it damn well.


Odyn Vovk Spring/Summer 2013 Video

[vimeo 46848951]

Odyn Vovk is a line we’ve followed for a minute, as the LA-based label continues to push North American fashion forward with mixed silhouettes,  proportions and dominant use of greyscale. This video lookbook features choppers and actually manages to give a good look at the s/s ’13 pieces (which look great), so it’s all win from our perspective.


Cadence Summer 2012

New items from SF-based Cadence as part of their Transition Summer collection. The best cycle-oriented line going in my opinion, always feel Dustin Klein’s designs and the cuts are on point for the more slender amongst us (aka cyclists). Cadence’s LA flagship shop opens today, congrats to the brand for making big moves, more summer 2012 pieces after the break.


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