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Pike Brothers Superior Garments: Stylebook 2011

Pike Brothers is a German/British based workwear company which draws its inspiration from classic military and work style pieces from the 1930’s-50’s. The label was started by the Pike Brothers back in 1930 on Portobello road in London’s Notting Hill, where they made custom men’s wear and also U.S. military uniforms during the Second World War. The label is now based in Germany and makes a small but thorough collection of work pieces, based on classic American military and work styles. The collection ranges from various denims, work bibs, workshirts, sweats and accessories like wallets and suspenders.¬†The label also has close ties to both motorcycle and hot rod cultures sponsoring racers and events such as the Rust n’ Dust Jalopy. Another great feature that they are doing is the Pike Brothers workwear test, selecting three guys who work in outdoor¬†professions such as welding and carpentry and testing their products hard at work on a day to day basis to see how they hold up. I really dig the Pike Brothers approach, standing behind their products 100% and taking on any challenge that is given them, real hard workers. Keep reading for the full stylebook in hi-res and click images to enlarge.


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The 1939 Clothier Fall 2010

Handmade in California with all fabric and fasteners coming from within the USA (or, if not possible, from ‘countries that do not seek to destroy us’ – their quote), The 1939 Clothier is a line I discovered through the SoCal motorcycle blog network. Producing quality basics, the line is reminiscent of a more restrained Engineered Garments or Woolrich Woolen Mills, with looser-fitting chambray, canvas, and selvedge denim pieces. Their blog is very cool as well, documenting all things Americana and the history of work wear, as well as southern California custom motorcycle and hot rod culture. Keep reading for some more lookbook shots and a full rundown on the fall 10 collection from The 1939 Clothier.


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