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On Repeat: Baths

Los Angeles-area resident Will Wiesenfeld, aka Baths, has had a productive 6 months. As the LA beat scene has gone to attract global attention through the success of artists like Flying Lotus, Shlohmo, and others, much media hype has been built around this burgeoning scene, with outlets like BBC’s Mary Anne Hobbs and XLR8R continually championing these new sounds. Released at just the right time, Baths’s debut LP Cerulean has been my most listened-to album over the last while; in a time where LPs get downloaded, skimmed over, and lost in the iTunes wormhole, this record has a staying power beyond many of his contemporaries. Complex melodies, tempo shifts, glitched-out moments transected with Wiesnfeld’s unique singing voice, and an overall cohesive tone, Cerulean will definitely be headed to my year-end ‘best of’ list. Check this article for an excellent overview of what’s happening in LA the beat community, purchase the album from your favorite localĀ independent music retailer, and click through for another Baths favorite and a video of his excellent live performance.


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