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Aether Chasing Winter

‘The idea behind Aether Chasing Winter was to combine two passions: motorcycles and skiing. To get the best of both worlds, we planned a trip through the Rockies in early April, hitting the first of the open roads and the last of the spring skiing. We carried all the gear we needed on the bikes, including poles, boots, and skis. It wasn’t exactly the most practical way to travel, but it definitely was the most exhilarating.’

Nailed the concept and execution, and looked like a lot of fun as well. Aether keep pushing it forward whether it be with their product offerings or use of online media to tell their story.



[vimeo 58214743]

Here’s an awesome behind-the-scenes video showcasing the build of Aether‘s new San Francisco standalone retail shop, the first for the the label. I’m a huge fan of the recontextualization of shipping containers as live/work/retail spaces, and this build is truly top notch, as if we would expect anything less from a brand of Aether’s caliber. Can’t wait to check this out sometime soon.


Aether Apparel Spring/Summer 2013

Los Angeles’ Aether Apparel has just released this lookbook for their s/s ’13 collection, showing other brands how to shoot your campaign out in the wilds of nature. Aether is also running a solid gram right now too, taking cues from lines like Patagonia and Poler by sharing adventures with followers, which is a good move for sure. This line will contain more of the quality understated tech Aether has made their name on, keep reading for more.


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Aether Apparel Fall/Winter 2012

LA-based tech label Aether has been a favourite of ours for years now, marrying high function with understated sophistication, similar to Vancouver’s own Arc’teryx Veilance. The jackets are always a highlight, especially the integrated-hood shells, some of the best in the game. With only 7 pics in this series hopefully we’ll see more imagery from Aether this season, as they do it damn well.