Deus: Festival of Thump




[vimeo 61187514 w=500 h=281]

Sometimes I think we could easily become a Deus tribute blog, but anyway. Thumpers, the single-cylinder 4-stoke beasts (who’s sound obviously informs the name) hold a very special place in the 84/85 black hearts: we both ride ’em on the daily. The stable consists of an SR500 and an XT550, workhorse bikes, light, torquey and instantly recognizable by sound from a few blocks away. And while we’re all Yammy over here there’s plenty of thumpers out there, and recently Deus decided to throw their first ever proper motorcycle show at the California Emporium of Postmodern Activities in honour of the vaunted single. SO MANY COOL BIKES showed up, what can I say, wish I could have been there more than any cool chop show, that’s for sure. Enjoy the images and check the Deus recap for more.


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