Originally founded as an eyewear-retention (aka sunglasses strap) company in Hurricane, Utah, in 1983, the CHUMS brand of course found admirers in the Japanese market, which established a much larger apparel and accessories label, wilding out on outdoors gear styling in all the right ways. I’ve been following the CHUMS Japan blog for quite some time now, such a beautiful photo journal of trips to the mountains, beach visits, bento boxes, and left-field outfit combinations. Anyway, I though it due time to showcase some of the pieces and accessories from CHUMS JP that I’ve been hyped on; of course, I can’t tell you a lot of details as the site is all in Japanese, but it’s pretty self-explanatory, re-imagined classic USA outdoors wear, with a heavy 70’s-90’s west-coast colorful mountaineering vibe, clean hippy meets dedicated camper. Here’s thirty of my favourite pieces, click through for more, then go for a nice long hike.



One response to “CHUMS Japan

  1. love the “elmo” shorts!

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