Todd Snyder Autumn/Winter 2011

NYC-based Todd Snyder (former head designer at J. Crew) gives us a look in to his debut eponymous collection for a/w 2011, taking his experience with shaping the Americana aesthetic (he also spent years at Ralph Lauren) and further refining the dress/casual silhouette. There seems to be a bevy of reference points here: besides the immediate RL and J. Crew influences, I also see a lot of Wings + Horns, hints of Adam Kimmel, and strands of Japanese high street (i.e. Nonnative and Victim). I’m especially feeling the knit pieces and the way they’ve been paired with denim and subtle collared shirt / dress shoe combos, reminds me a lot of my work wardrobe Monday – Friday. An expansive collection from a name I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from, hit the jump for more looks.


pics via Houyhnhnm

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