Ramadanman + His Aliases

In the world of UK ‘bass music’ there’s a few names that seem to always be pushing the envelope in terms of production style and taste-making; Joy Orbison, who’s been featured here before, Instra:mental, who just released an excellent new LP, Will Saul, who’s Aus imprint has been home to many a seminal release, and many more. One name that will always get mentioned on that list is David Kennedy, aka Ramadanman. Over the past couple years he’s crafted a few aliases as well, in order the release music that wouldn’t necessarily suit the Ramadanman sound he perfected on his Hessle Audio label: Pearson Sound, which slows the tempo a bit and further hones the use of negative space in the songs, something Kennedy is the master of, and Maurice Donovan, Kennedy’s newfound Chicago House alter-ego, and my new personal favourite. Three monikers, three distinct sounds, and a whole lot of awesome music: Kennedy is making his first extended tour through North America at present (with UKG legend  Zed Bias no less!), and I have the honor of opening the show this Friday… very excited to hear a set from the much-vaunted producer, as these NA jaunts are infrequent. Hit the jump for a few more favourites from Kennedy.


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