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city and plane

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Just a quick heads up about the lull in posting over the last few days, and a disclaimer about the next few to come: I’m moving back across the country tomorrow, so I’ve been all jammed up with ‘life,’ and Brendan has been a super busy dude, multi-tasking two jobs and numerous projects. But have no fear, we’ll be back to a regular content stream by early next week. As always, thanks much for reading, and we’ll see you back here soon. Much love, the 84/85 boys.

The Brothers Bray & Co.

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The two brothers Chris and Kirk Bray are the founders and designers behind American made leather goods company Billykirk. Billykirk are known for their top of the line leather bags and accessories with all of their products being hand made in Pennsylvania, so it was interesting to see that they have joined the ever growing list of companies to collaborate with Urban Outfitters. The brothers have put together a small capsule collection of bags wallets and belts under the name the Brothers Bray & Co. which is exclusively available at UO for a fraction of the price of their Billykirk products. I thought that it was an interesting but good collaboration for the brothers, as this venture will bring them plenty of press and exposure to a market that they might not have been hitting with their main line. I am pleased with the look of the pieces from the Brothers Bray collection, and with price tags like $88 for the tote and $98 for the weekend bag how can you complain? Check Selectism for a small interview with Chris Bray about the collaboration and keep reading for looks of the full collection…


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Lust: Cherubim Pista


Many thanks to Dylan for kicking me the mad knowledge on the lineage of Japanese frame-builders, especially Shin-ichi Konno, who is the younger brother of legendary 3Rensho master builder Yoshi Konno. The above-pictured Cherubim Pista was one of the standout builds from this year’s North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Indianapolis, and as there will be no more 3Rensho’s produced, this is now the goal in regards to acquiring a proper Japanese lugged frame set. I’ve mentioned my burning desire for a pure Keirin ride before, and this bicycle may just be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, so… one day, one day… but until then, lust.


DQM Fall/Winter 2009 Lookbook


Dave’s Quality Meat is back with a new website and a f/w 09 lookbook, which showcases their basics-oriented outdoorsy collection, and continues the transition from a purist skateboard streetwear past into a solid modern menswear line. In their words, ‘Entering its seventh year, DQM continues to push the envelope for a new board and bike generation, at the same time never forgetting where we came from: thanks to friends and family, here and gone. We endure because you do.’ 

While maybe not the most exciting or progressive thing we’ve seen for this season, you still couldn’t go wrong with any of this looks: masculine, understated, and classic, DQM is on the right path for a long future in the ever-toughening menswear market. More shots from the lookbook after the jump (thanks to Slamxhype for doing the screencap work). 


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Unconditional Fall/Winter 2009


Spotted over at The Fash, here’s a look at London-based line Unconditional‘s f/w 09 offerings at Oak. The cut and color of this season are straight killing it for me; exactly what I’m looking for, black and grey, skinny with a touch of anti-fit. Between the vest and the zipper jeans I need to get on some ordering asap before the line inevitably sells through. Also, the label comes in at a very decent price point, making it all the more appealing. I love the way these shots were styled, as the fits are spot-on and the model choice fits the aesthetic of the collection perfectly. Keep reading for more of these standout pieces from Unconditional for f/w 09.


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Colonial Ghosts


Yesterday one of my favorite reads, The Publics, posted a very interesting look into the resurfacing politics behind one of Tintin’s most exotic adventures, Tintin in the Congo. I won’t rehash everything written, as you should go and read the entry for yourself, but the gist is that as of late there has been resounding criticism directed towards this book due to its perceived colonial propagandizing, racist caricatures, and brutality towards animals. Tintin’s creator, Herge, was a Belgian loyalist, and as the nation was actively colonizing the Congo during this period, the implications of his words/imagery are hard to ignore. The image above is a part of a series done by South African artist Anton Kannemeyer for his Congo Parody series from 2008. Brutal and affecting, Kannemeyer pulls no punches in his interpretation of Herge’s work, and bluntly displays the racism inherent in the colonial system. Hit the jump for more from the parody, but be warned, the content isn’t for the faint of heart.  


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Filmakers Justin Tripp and Brian Close are Georgia. Stop-motion, kaleidoscope, color scale, music videos, flat out weirdness, these guys hit just about everything through the course of their video production. I really like the cigarette stuff, which is aligned with the lego accessory work of NYC’s Dee and Ricky. Peep their Vimeo for tons more, and if you want some good laughs check Dee and Ricky’s Hypebeast blog


Avant Car Guard


Overall, I would say my obsession with Tumblr over the last 8 months has been bad for this blog… I always seem to end up spend way more time perusing my dashboard than I do finding good content for 84/85. Sometimes, however, I stumble across an image worthwhile enough to research further, and in this instance it’s a series of prints and paintings by Johannesburg-based collective Avant Car Guard. Shown earlier this summer in an exhibition in their home city, the artists really nailed down the hyper-visual, mega-random style I love and am always searching for on my hunt through the endless .jpg stream. Check their site for links to past works, and keep reading for more images from this collection. 


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