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Supreme Fall/Winter 2009 Lookbook



Here is a look at Supreme New York’s F/W 2009 collection. As always with Supreme the collection is looking really solid with a full range of pieces from basics to outerwear and everything else in between. There are so many good pieces, especially the outerwear which is really doing it for me. The styling of the lookbook is on point, with a good variety of fully wearable looks being showcased. I really like the varsity style jacket and the leather hooded bomber, as well as the tasteful use of camo which seems to be popping up in a lot of current Fall collections, and I’m not mad at it. Keep reading for the full lookbook…


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New Works: Boogie

Picture 36

One of my favourite photographers as of late is the Brooklyn based photographer Boogie. Originally from Serbia, Boogie got his start in photography by documenting the civil war that broke out in his home country in the 1990’s, later moving to Brooklyn in 98 to focus on his photography career. His style is very subjective, generally very dark, documenting everything from everyday city life, to gangs , skinheads and drug users. His subject material is usually very raw and in your face, with his more recent work being much softer and more abstract. He has also been getting into shooting commercial work, working with clients such as Nike, Lee jeans and Undercover, which is also nice to see. Keep reading for a look at some of my favourite shots from his new works from over the summer, including a trip back to his homeland of Serbia.


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3sixteen Fall/Winter 2009 Lookbook

Picture 42

3sixteen is a line that I feel has had one of the best progressions of any brand lately, as they seem to be taking notes, really watching the direction in which things are going, and staying with the curve. The last few collections have been great, from the pieces through to the presentation of the lookbooks. This time around the fall/winter 2009 collection is nothing different; the pieces and presentation are looking solid with this being the most complete and well-rounded line to date in my eyes. I love the lookbook, it really captures the feeling of classic New York. More shots after the jump…


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Dreamboat ‘Fun Fools’ EP


Victoria’s own Dreamboat returns with this 6-song EP entitled ‘Fun Fools,’ and the wait for new material from Mr. Bergunder has been well worth it. After all, he’s been busy with his band Colourbook, DJing around town as Babes, and designing for Bruised Labs. With production help from another Vic stalwart, Longshanks, this EP is Dreamboat’s best work yet, both in the musical arrangements and his vocals, finally utilizing that awesome minor-toned croon to the fullest. I think I’ve always creeped Aaron out a little with my fanboy-dom, but hell with it… the boy’s got talent and deserves the recognition. Head here to purchase the album. DO IT. In the meanwhile, here’s the title track, and and one of my favorite older cuts.

Dreamboat – Fun Fools

Dreamboat – Hot Caution


Billykirk Footwear Fall 2009

billy sebago

Billykirk, makers of fine leather goods all made in the good old US of A, are starting to branch off into more than just bags and accessories, now venturing into the footwear market. They have joined forces with American shoe company Sebago to produce these two styles of footwear, one deck style boot and an Oxford style shoe that was previously only available to the European market. I really like the two styles they have produced, especially the high cut deck style boots, making this a solid all-American collaboration. Keep reading for the Oxford styles…

Images: Highsnobiety


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Actual Pain Fall 2009

Picture 31

Actual Pain continues to be a favorite of ours here at 84/85 with this look into their Fall 2009 collection. They’ve has gained somewhat of a cult status within the streetwear scene, and from their hardcore-style graphics to their collaborations with Mishka, they take a different approach in the often over-saturated, watered down ‘streetwear’ market. This collection is what would be expected from the line, hardcore anti-style graphics, using only black white and red, Actual Pain’s T.J Cowgill says “I am probably only using three colors in what I do from now on.” I don’t know what to say, I like the six eyed wolf, the Decapitated Mickey Mouse head and the ‘No Class No Values,’ actually I like them all… Keep reading for the full collection with a breakdown of each design from Cowgill…

Via: XLR8R


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For me, this was the highlight of the Fantasme event from last week. The film collaboration between Andrew Ly and Kevin Calero is stunning, and today rightfully received broader attention The Fashionisto and Dazed Digital. Featuring the talent of Belgian dancer Gilles Polet, here is Andrew’s take on the film:

‘To me fashion is an installation of the body and a mood. Whether it be masculine, feminine, androgynous, powerful or what ever it may be. I really wanted my character to be a little bit of it all (fem, masc, both) as you can see he is very powerful looking and very strong but at the same putting on a chiffon kimono style dress on him did not make him look feminine but touches of it and still maintaining his identity. Playing with gender and the illusion of what man/woman should be in a stereotypical way is not interesting to me. Mixing it all was a great challenge and attractive.’

Also, make sure to check out Calero’s collabo with Melissa Matos entitled ‘Le Cycle.’