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Montana x Upper Playground

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Spain’s Montana Colors has teamed up with San Francisco’s Upper Playground for this new limited edition series of artist designed spray cans. Montana Colors is a spray paint company making and providing the highest quality spray paint, and variety of colors on the market. Upper Playground is the amazing art collective/clothing company that collaborates and works with a wide variety of artists from all over. The two companies have come together to create these limited run of cans designed by Sam Flores, The Mac and Retna, Mr. Cartoon and MQ. The collaboration looks great with a good variety of artists and styles utilized for the project. My favorite has to be the MQ design as he out of all of these artists is a true graffiti ‘bomber,’ and would actually use his cans for the purpose of them… to bomb. Check the full series after the jump…


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Summer Anthem

Thanks to Hovatron for the tip on this one… ‘NO WIFIN IN THE CLUB, GIMME 20 DOLLAZ!’… this jam is crazy. Ron Browz is killing it. 


Admiration: Fabric Horse


Ever since Duncan graciously gave me my mini-krypto belt holder, I’ve sworn by Fabric Horse. I wear it every day, as it saves so much time digging in your bag, not to mention preventing a clunky lock from jabbing into your back. But what really makes the Philadelphia-based brand so good is their ethos. From their ‘about’ section the website, 

‘As a company, Fabric Horse aims to preserve the ritual of the handmade and by that token, all Fabric Horse products are designed and sewn by the two of us in our studio in Philadelphia’s Chinatown. Each piece is made for you from scratch by a single pair of hands. As an environmentally and socially conscious company, all products are constructed from scavenged, reused, recycled, or environmentally friendly fabrics. Sometimes these materials are combined with exciting vinyls and upholstery for even more of that FH flare you know you love, in products you never dreamed possible. Fabric Horse remains committed to bringing you fresh designs that help you do what you do best and look good while doing it. 

The design aesthetic of our small company is constantly changing, inspired by the streets we ride everyday and by the people of our fair Philadelphia. Fabric Horse owes much of its success and continued support to the bicycle community, which fuels our work day in, day out. Mary and Carrie commute most days on two wheels and conduct FH business entirely by bicycle. FH will never outsource its labor overseas and FH products will never be for sale in a mall. This is a promise. ‘

That’s a good business ethic, one that is timeless and will get you through any economic downturn. More companies could afford to take note of this gameplan, instead of just begin of-the-moment. Now I just gotta get my hands on one of the utility belts! Check their stocklist for a retailer that sells Fabric horse near you. 




Barcelona-based Delorean have just released a new EP entitled ‘Ayrton Senna,’ and the result is pure shiny summer bliss in the same vein as Cut Copy’s ‘Bright Like Neon Love,’ but with a perfect 2009 post-electro-overload shimmery feel. I’ve been a fan since their 06 and 07 releases, and their recent remix work for bands such as the Mystery Jets, Lemonade, and The Teenagers has been super on point, so it’s great to hear some new original tracks from the band. Pitchfork gave this new EP a ‘Best New Music’ designation, and I couldn’t agree more… don’t sleep on this one, these four tracks will help raise your energy in this crazy hot sweaty weather! Here’s my favorite song, and the amazing Teenagers remix, just in case you missed it the first time around:

Delorean – Moonson

The Teenagers – Love No (Delorean remix)


Brixton Fall 09


SoCal streetwear label Brixton is back with their fall 2009 collection, continuing to expand from their headwear roots into a full-fledged men’s and woman’s line.  I especially like their ball caps, as they always have nice simple designs and a good selection of snap backs. The season is looking good as they stick to their aesthetic with flannels, henleys, and military-style jackets, choosing to remain classic over any trend biting. I’m starting to migrate back to more skate/street type stuff right now, but with an adult edge, so a few pieces from this collection could definitely work for fall. More after the jump. 


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Feeling It: Ryan McGinley ‘Moonage Daydream’


Ryan McGinley recently did this beautiful shoot titled ‘Moonage Daydream’ for the Vice magazine photography issue. We featured McGinley’s Wrangler ad campaign a little while back, with this series taking a much brighter approach but still incorporating his trademark style, nakedness. I love the look of this shoot, its has a very surreal feel to it, showing once again that McGinley is one artist that actually lives up to his hype. Full series after the jump…


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South 2 West 8 Fall 2009 Lookbook

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South 2 West 8 is a line that I have only recently become familiar with, and their outdoors inspired fall 2009 collection is interesting to say the least. I love the natural look and feel of the lookbook, showcasing the pieces in a outdoor setting, looking as though the pieces are being used for their purpose, being in the outdoors. I’m really into the muted color pallet and incorporation of the Navajo style print, commonly seen from Pendleton. I love the look of the Navajo print sweaters, the Filson-esque bags and the hooded blanket piece. With ‘everyone’ doing or trying to do this particular style as of late it is nice to see some interesting and unique pieces, as it doesn’t hurt to experiment and try something a little different. More looks after the jump…

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