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Hedi Slimane + Lindsay Lohan


I know I’m a few days late to the party on this one, but damned if it ain’t worth blogging about. these photos of Lindsay Lohan shot by the always-inspirational Hedi Slimane have been plastered all over the internet, and have been recieving mostly hate by people calling Lohan out for being ‘too skinny,’ or more directly, a ‘crackhead’

I’m not gonna lie – I’m stupid skinny myself, so I’ve always had a penchant for the rail-thin types.. plus, I’ve been in love with Lohan since the Mean Girls era, so her current look (heroin chic?) does it for me. add that you have Slimane behind the camera and it’s all good.. I mean, have you seen Slimane?! he barely exists! basically, I just want the internet to stop hating on really skinny people.. we’re not all cokeheads. blame the metabolism. more of my favorite pics after the jump.

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hating on: Urban Outfitters


It’s fairly easy to hate on UO, even though most of us probably have purchased something from there at one point or another.. and current collaborations with Steve Alan and Corpus are pretty on point. that being said, this little writeup on the ‘Striped Cycling Cap’ really burned my bread:

‘Whizzing around without brakes can do a number on one’s hair. Fortunately, this head-huggin’ elasticized cycle cap, with striped ribbon detailing down the middle, will keep things tame so you can focus on, well, not getting hit by a car.’

it’s not that UO has jumped on a current trend – that’s their business. it’s more the corny nature by which they present their take on said trend. in this case, they’re all about keeping your hair looking good while riding, as opposed to, hmmm, all the other advantages and benefits of cycling? normally we’re all about giving props to things we like on the blog, but today Urban Outfitters had to be hated on.

Incase Backpack

incase-bagLately I have been finding that I don’t have a reliable backpack or bag, as I have a few but they are  nothing sturdy enough to carry my Macbook accompanied by my other tools of the trade. Incase have been the leaders of the pack for Apple accessories, such as iphone cases and laptop bags. They have just released this great looking as well as functional nylon laptop backpack. It is perfectly designed, incorporating a laptop sleeve with other compartments to put your notebook/sketchbook, phone, camera and whatever else is needed for the daily grind.  I don’t usually like ‘technical’ style backpacks but this one is clean and looks like it would be sturdy and could handle a beating, which I would hand it… Continue reading

Contrail via Design 21


just about the coolest thing for urban cycling yet.. attaching to your seat tube and resting lightly on your rear tire, the Contrail holds enough chalk to dispense for 32 km. in the words of the designer, ‘it is a colorful and ephemeral representation of your path.’ hit the jump for schematics.

via Design 21

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Huf SF

picture-111started in 2002 by pro skateboarder Keith Hufnagel, Huf SF now includes four stores in SF and one in LA, and a constant stream of top-end streetwear, both via the in-house label and collaborations with other top brands. with super clean looks rivaling Supreme or other contemporaries, Huf SF manages to capture the west coast clean/dirty dichotomy in streetwear, with looks that manage to use branding and graphics and still come off mad stylish and adult. with tonnes of new releases, a good blog, and a fierce loyalty to skateboarding, Huf SF is yet another example of what the authentic modern brand aesthetic is all about.. more choice product after the jump.

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Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony

oc-chloe4Opening Ceremony are back at it with another collaboration effort. the first one that we featured a little while ago was the Pendletons collab, and this time they have teamed up with the wonderful Chloe Sevigny. She has designed this capsule line for Opening Ceremony, and the looks consist of  British streets meets American classics.  It is a men’s line but with fits that can be worn by girls, so it has a uni- sex vibe. Opening Ceremony does it again with this interesting capsule collection. More looks after the jump… Continue reading

Bicycle Film Festival 2009 trailer

looks awesome!.. anyone want to collaborate with the 84/85 crew on a flic?? check the official site for details.