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Rag & Bone Tote Bag

Here is a look at this amazing Rag & Bone Tote Bag available on Blackbird’s recently launched online store. This is a great looking piece, fully functional tote style bag constructed of wool and leather, handmade in Pennsylvania by Amish leather workers. Check Blackbird for this bag and tons of other great items.


Ninjasonik is a Brooklyn 3 piece consisting of Reverend Mcfly, Telli Gramz and DJ Teenwolf.

Prada detachable collar

I think Prada is killing it with the detachable collar and it’s accompanying ad campaign.. whether it’s a clean white shirt and suit look or a sweater or t-shirt combo, Prada is on to something. the only question is if this can be legit street steez or if its something best left to the catwalk. comments?

throwback – Wu Tang

we had to go with the vids on this one.. mid 1990’s to early 200’s Wu Tang was the best for two reasons. first, the lyricism is some of the best of all time, and second, the style was as equally untouchable. Ghostface Killah is prolly the 84/85 favorite.. the NY swagger is massive.

note Cappadona’s Canadiens jersey in ‘Ice Cream’ and Ghost’s fur hat in ‘Run’

Plain Gravy sweats

I’ve been wearing jeans to laze around the house for years now. I just never felt like I should be one of those doods who bum it up in oversized nike workout isht when on the couch.. but recently that changed. maybe it’s all the PBR-induced hangovers, or maybe I’m just getting older.. either way, I’ve been on the hunt for a good pair of sweats for a hot minute. I had some on order from James Perse, but damn if they aren’t taking forever to ship up from LA. so today I was going to crack and cop some AA joints to tide me over.. that is, until I mentioned the Plain Gravy sweats (which are currently out of my price range) that I’ve been lusting over at a local boutique to my lovely gf. so what do I find on the bed after I come home from a ride? a slick pair of cuffed, pocked heather-grey sweats that steez harder than most pants, let alone sweats. love that girl x.

check out more Plain Gravy via High Snobriety

a closer look: Moncler

even though I don’t live in a climate that demands I own a down winter jacket, if I did, it would surely be by Moncler. Founded in 1952, the brand has always made top-performance winter goods (with respectable spring/summer collections) while always maintaining a catwalk presence in Milan and Paris. now collaborating with famed Comme De Garcon desinger Junya Watanabe, the brand has a strongly defined look of pure Euro luxury and sleekness. plus the Matterhorn-esque ad campaign has a killer retro look that encapsulates a past era of simplicity and style. with boutiques opening in major cities all over the world, Moncler is a brand on the rise.

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